FrieslandCampina - Synergies Across The World

About the client

FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. Its journey started in 1817, when farmers decided to join forces in local cooperative dairy factories. Today, FrieslandCampina has many brands for consumers, food service professionals and industrial customers. 

One of these brands is FrieslandCampina Ingredients. The B2B structure of FrieslandCampina was founded in 2008 and supplies the food industry and pharmaceutical sector with different kinds of products, from Infant Formula to  Animal Nutrition, all with a love for milk


RFC Ingredients’ primary need was to create a new pricing and quoting tool. The reason behind it was to create a faster and easier price quote and approvals process in all its market segments and geographies.

Additionally, this tool is needed to allow for multiple quotations per different customers that are globally adjustable to different regions and business segments, which have different pricing dynamics and a rolling 12-month forecast.

It was also meant to end quotation information from Salesforce to SAP Customer and Region Specific Pricing for each customer/region, validate incoming contracted pricing from SAP and align the pricing waterfall.


The Waeg team leveraged Salesforce CPQ and created a complex Product Catalog with multiple levels of Services and a Bill of Materials (BoM). 

On top of that, the Waeg team integrated SAP into Salesforce for the customer master data, contracted prices, and a rolling forecast, as well as handoff quotations for invoicing and Revenue Recognition. All of these were translated into multiple languages so the tool could be used wherever it was needed.


The results have shown that after the solution was implemented, the visibility of the pricing and quoting process improved significantly. 

And the benefits weren’t customer-inclusive. For sales managers, it provided a more accurate and faster quoting process, so they were able to work more efficiently with each other. Salesforce CPQ also allowed for the valorisation of services and alignment of freight and insurance costs. 

A User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Salesforce CPQ-based solution was performed by our teams through a challenging three-step phase implementation period, and it was successfully completed


By joining forces, we were able to deliver the solutions that made it possible for our client to reach their objectives easily. Not only that, but the Waeg team supported the whole process from a technical perspective while FrieslandCampina was leading its internal change management team. 

The project took place during a world pandemic, with a global rollout over May-June 2020. This shows that even in the most challenging times, good cooperation can take you anywhere. 


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