VOLVO CE - Strengthening Customer Relationships Through eCommerce

About the Client

Since its founding in 1832, Volvo CE has grown from a local workshop into one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction equipment. With a wide range of products manufactured and serviced all over the world, Volvo CE offers the right machines and the right solutions for every type of work, whether it is the construction site of a new hotel or a new asphalt road leading to an estate.


Noticing that whenever a potential customer searched for genuine Volvo spare parts, they ended up on a generic copycat parts seller’s storefront instead of going directly to the source, Volvo CE decided to use this as an opportunity to create theire-Commerce platform.  Through this platform, our client was focused on strengthening their online Commerce presence while optimising opportunities for their genuine spare parts.

Since Volvo CE relies heavily on its dealer network, dealers are one of the foundations underpinning our client’s business, and they are the link between our client and the customers who buy and operate their machines. 

That is why adapting the website to allowfor a successful and consistent product rollout, as well as making sure that dealers can attend to their needs on their own, were of great importance.


The Waeg team, using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, were able to create a portal with two different storefronts - one with hardwarethat consists of spare parts for construction equipment and a second one with data services and softwarethat are sold through a subscription model. 

These services are fed from control units that are connected to sensors that check the oil level, pressure level, and temperature, among other things, on the vehicles. All of the data collected is sent to the central platform, so no information on pending maintenance or any issues with the equipment is missed, which is both safer and more comfortable for the equipment users. This also opens the door for future service automation offerings to Volvo CE’s existing customer base.

The Waeg team also created a dealer administration portal where dealers can easily manage pricing data, which exponentially improved the relationship between the company and its main connection to the end customer. 


These portals help with easier management of the rollout of new products, improving the relationship between Volvo CE and its customers. All of this will result in more sales, better customer loyalty, improved billing accuracy, and more consistent and faster order cycles.  Volvo CE now has an effective and sophisticated e-Commerce platform enhancing the brand position and expanding over time, with a goal of ultimately expanding to a global audience.  


Thanks to the seamless cooperation between the Volvo CE and Waeg teams, we were able to createa strong online presence for our client. 

The success of the project brought our client an extra sales channel and elevated the way they interact with the customer outside of traditional face-to-face sales only. Volvo CE took their business to the next level through the optimisation of all sales opportunities but also by building on a strong company-customer relationship



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