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The Waeg Way Of Surfing The Wave

Green Surfer Waeger

At Waeg, an IBM Company, our DNA is set on the surfing philosophy - Waeg (pronounced /weɪɡ/) is Old English for wave - and we approach everything we do just like how a surfer finds and catches the perfect wave.

We understand that to choose the right wave, it is important to be patient and read all the elements in order to have the right synergy. The perfect wave is the highest possible wave, where the view and possibilities are endless so they are sure to leave a mark. We know that every project is unique and to establish a successful partnership there needs to be a combination of expertise, cultural alignment, dedication and commitment.

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What Makes UsDifferent

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GlobalWe work as one global team across EMEA.
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TeamWe have the best Salesforce experts with a ratio of 5 seniors to 1 medior.
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First time right We deliver every project first time right and on budget.
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Multi cloud In-depth expertise across all Salesforce suite.
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A-Z We deliver from strategy to implementation to support.
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Expertise Leaders in B2B Commerce.
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Our values are our compass. In everything we do, we work towards quality and outstanding results, we believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching and we deliver what we commit to - with no unanticipated surprises.

Waeg, an IBM Company

We combine Waeg’s end-to-end capabilities and industry expertise with IBM’s unique data, AI and machine learning capabilities, scale and global reach.

Even more, we are on the forefront of innovation, achieving milestones on a global scale while continuing as an agile mid-sized company with the best experts in the industry that leverage the best practices across strategy, design, implementation and support.

1+1= 3 which means Waeg and IBM together stand as the leading strategy and implementation partner for Salesforce. You can say it’s a unique trifecta that’s set up for nothing but success!


Team & Expertise Leads

Adam RamatowskiAdam RamatowskiMuleSoft Practice Lead
BasBas CorstanjeBusiness Development Director - Benelux
Chris TimmermanChris TimmermanManaging Partner
Diana GraurDiana GraurChief Operating Officer
Elisa Lopez - nobckgrndElisa LopezBusiness Development Manager
FabienneFabienne DelvauxBusiness Development Director - Benelux
Frédéric GeoffroyFrédéric GeoffroyB2BCommerce Practice Lead
Gianni De MeesterGianni De MeesterNet Zero Cloud & Continued Success Services Practice Lead
Ineke LeclercqIneke LeclercqHead of Consulting
Inês MacedoInês MacedoTalent Acquisition Lead
Ivo CostaIvo CostaCHRO / Head of Talent
Jonathan TraversJonathan TraversHead of Marketing & Communications
Lorenzo VasiniLorenzo VasiniEnvision Lead
Margarida AlvadiaMargarida AlvadiaPeople & Business Partner Manager
NeleNele JerseliusBusiness Development Director - Sweden
NickNick CelisBusiness Development Director - Benelux
Nuno CardosoNuno CardosoFrontend Practice Lead
Pawel ZagrabaPawel ZagrabaCPQ Practice Lead
PhilippePhilippe BauwensBusiness Development Director - FSI
Sander MollersSander MollersBusiness Development Director - Netherlands
Sylvain BlonderSylvain BlondelBusiness Development Director - France
Thomas Willems-nobckgrndThomas WillemsBusiness Development Director
VirginieVirginie SabouretBusiness Development Director - France
Yves Van LooyYves Van LooyBusiness Director - Northern Europe

Building Our Waegers At Heart Culture

A sit down with Nair Ferreira, Waeg's Head of Talent, on the journey of the unique culture focused on having Waegers at Heart.


TheChannel is all about where the waves take us. Going from ideas to results, experience to knowledge, expertise to success and practice to perfection. We invite you to join the Waeg world.