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Make a difference, donate

What would you say is the greatest proof of human solidarity and love? Is it standing up for those in need of our support? Is it praying for those who find themselves in a difficult situation? Is it making sure we give a voice to those who are being silenced? 

The answer varies for each one of us - there’s no right or wrong. One act that takes so little but literally saves lives is to donate blood and/or plasma.  So, to highlight its importance we sat down with Sylvain Blondel to share his experience. 

Why is it important for you to donate your blood? 

If you are lucky enough to be in good health, sharing your blood or plasma with those in need might help save their lives. That is for me a good enough reason. 

How often do you donate your blood? 

More or less ten times a year (either blood or plasma).

Some people might be afraid or not sure of how the process of donating blood works. Can you explain the process a little bit? 

It goes very quickly. First, you see a doctor and answer a form where they make sure you’re healthy and able to donate. Then a nurse takes a small sample to run some quick tests, and if you get a green light, they can start the collection.  For blood, it’s a little more than 5 minutes and for plasma, 45 minutes - but you can answer your emails or make some business calls during the whole process, so no time wasted. 

Afterwards, you rest for about 20 minutes and continue with your day. An important thing to remember, though, is that you should avoid pushing yourself physically at least for two days so be sure to plan two days for chilling :)

Do you have a tip to share with us to prepare for blood donation? 

Turn your head to the other side when the nurse sticks the needle, then work, try making conversation if someone is next to you or take that time to read a good book. It’s a good distraction, plus that way time flies quickly, and you’re done before you know it. 

So as you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward process that, in the end, results in helping others. Giving others something that we have an abundance of is only the right thing to do, so don’t hesitate and check with your local blood centre if they are in need of your blood type!

Sylvain Blood Donation


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