Waeg Connect 2023: A Remarkable Adventure in Peniche, Portugal

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What an unforgettable adventure Waeg Connect 2023 was. The picturesque shores of Peniche set the stage for a truly exceptional event this year, and this time, it wasn’t just us Waegers.
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Salesforce and IBM joined us together with some of our incredible clients. The collaborative spirit and shared insights made this year's event one for the books - focused on shaping our vision and understanding of the comprehensive industry landscape even better.

One of the biggest highlights of Waeg Connect 2023 was the opportunity to work collaboratively to build roadmaps for success. Together, we crafted a vision that will propel us into the future - the insights and expertise shared by our clients were invaluable, playing a pivotal role in shaping our collective understanding of the digital transformation environment. This collaborative effort laid the groundwork for a promising future of innovation and growth.

Unparalleled Learning Experiences

The learning experiences during Waeg Connect 2023 were unmatched. We delved deep into the world of innovation, riding the waves of creativity and discovery. From workshops to interactive sessions, we explored the latest trends and technologies, gaining new perspectives that will undoubtedly guide us in the months and years to come. These educational moments were not only enriching but also incredibly inspiring, setting the stage to lead the industry with innovative solutions.

Strengthened Relationships

Waeg Connect 2023 was not just about professional growth; it was also an incredible adventure that brought everyone closer together. The synergy among the Waeg team, Salesforce, IBM, and our clients was palpable. The shared experiences and the spirit of collaboration nurtured our partnerships, fostering a sense of unity and purpose that will continue to drive us forward.

Looking Towards the Future

Towards the end of this extraordinary trip, we had a special client takeaway session. Each of our clients took the stage to share the valuable insights and experiences they gained from the event, further strengthening the bonds between us.

To cap off this extraordinary gathering, our founder Chris, alongside João Taron and Bob Vanstraelen from Salesforce, engaged in a fascinating on-stage conversation that delved into a multitude of intriguing topics, one of which was the future of AI. This discussion encapsulated the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking that defined Waeg Connect 2023, setting the stage for the industry's next exciting developments and possibilities.

A Gala to Remember

We also had the pleasure of hosting a spectacular gala, a highlight of the event, where awards were given out to our amazing Waegers and recognition extended to our valued clients who have played a vital role in our shared success. It was a night of celebration, reflection, and appreciation for the collaborative efforts that have propelled us forward.

Waeg Connect 2023 was an unforgettable adventure in Peniche, Portugal, that will be remembered for years to come. The collaboration between Waeg, Salesforce, IBM, and our esteemed customers laid the foundation for a bright future filled with innovation and success.

The learning experiences, strengthened relationships, and shared vision have left an indelible mark on all those who attended. We look forward to the continued growth and success that this event has set in motion and eagerly anticipate all the adventures that lie ahead.

Wiktoria Kaglik, Content Marketing Specialist @ Waeg



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