Danone - Connecting Through A Platform Of Experiences


Starting in 1919, with the creation of the first-ever yogurt in a pharmacy in Barcelona, Danone turned from a precursor to a world leader in four different areas. Our client is leading in businesses of Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Early Life Nutrition, Medical Nutrition, and Waters. For decades now, Danone has been a key player in the food revolution, all the while building a unique, health-focused portfolio.

Danone offers fresh dairy products as well as plant-based products and beverages, providing the best of both worlds. They’re not only focused on the health of their consumers but also engage in the issues concerning our planet like going towards carbon neutrality, regenerative agriculture, water stewardship, or circular economy of packaging.


Following new consumer trends and the company’s gradual growth over the years, Danone decided to take the next step and invest in a new market segment and implement an ecommerce platform. The platform’s main purpose is investing in a B2B segment by striking a relationship with a new type of client: owners of pastry/coffee shops, or sports halls.

However, it’s not only meant to be another sales channel for Danone but a place where interactions happen; like sharing amazing recipes with their clients. Creating a solid foundation for their future relationships is of utmost importance, so people come back for good products and for the experience itself. By implementing the platform, Danone takes another step in its journey through the B2B market


The platform called Danone eShop was built solely with the use of Salesforce Commerce Lightning. It was indeed the first project where the  Lightning solution was implemented and gained extra attention from Salesforce itself. Certain functionalities have been activated by Salesforce as a pilot in the Danone org such as Guest User access, suggested products, and exposing the code of the PLP (Product Listing Page) and PDP (Product Detailing Page) components for our Waeg team to do the modifications. 

Additionally, a connector was added between the B2B Lightning and payment platform Adyen. It implemented an "API Only" interface which is a first in the integration of Adyen with B2B Lightning. This solution can be used for other projects from now on


Together with Danone and Salesforce, our team created a platform with an outstanding level of design that not only meets the standards of the new B2B clients but also the B2C clients who have greatly influenced Danone over the years. The payment process on the platform is seamless thanks to the integration implemented by our team. We can confidently say that the Danone eShop is a unique success! 


Thanks to the successful implementation of the Danone eShop our client has a dedicated platform to strengthen the relationship with their new target segment. The platform not only allows for the optimisation of sales relationships and the database, but also brings a whole new sense of community to its target audience by sharing recipes, tips, tools, and insights. 

The Danone eShop has been launched in France and Danone is planning to roll it out into different markets. The eShop has already been featured in the Le Paris Café Festival 2021. This project was a success and it was only possible due to the synergy between Danone and Salesforce.



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