Alcatel-Lucent - Creating Seamless & Tailored ecommerce Experiences


Founded in 2006 in Paris, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise is a B2B company that sells telecommunication equipment to end customers through their business partners. The main objective of the project that Waeg partook in was for ALE to have an option of combining the sale of the hardware and the software when selling their equipment. Their end goal is to become a leader in NaaS (Network as a Service) solutions.


ALE wanted to have different project modes for different partners, for example they would be able to buy a bundled hardware product (e.g. a printer) exclusively with associated software (e.g. a license). In another mode, ALE wanted to give the possibility to chosen partners to buy products and software separately. 

In addition to creating a new eCommerce platform, ALE wanted to connect it with their already existing partner portal in which their partners could manage their previously purchased products. The integration of those two portals was crucial for our client.


The solution proposed by the Waeg team was to implement Salesforce Commerce on Salesforce Lightning and customize it specifically for our client’s needs. To accomplish that, our team had to integrate Commerce on Salesforce with the Zuora Revenue Cloud system so that the products from Zuora were visible in the new eCommerce platform. The integration also needed to connect SAP products and Zuora products, so that the mode-based product and software bundles could not be sold without the complementary counterpart. 

Partner Portal integration was also needed in order to give ALE’s partners access to the new e-commerce platform. The use-case for integrating two platforms was to allow the partners to view complimentary products to their existing ones as well as to get quotes for them.


Thanks to the tailored customization, our client can now choose which buyers on their ecommerce site can only buy Alcatel’s hardware and software bundles and which ones can buy them separately. The project mode to bundle ALE’s equipment with complementary data services is expected to increase software sales. The ALE-specific customisation gives the flexibility they wanted and the integration between the new portal and the existing one gives a seamless experience for their business partners.


The Waeg team was able to deliver everything the client needed and did so in a very short time. The implementation and integration of the solution gave ALE and its partners a brand new experience. All challenges were successfully overcome, both teams cooperated well together and the entire project turned out to be a big success.


VOLVO Construction Equipment

Volvo CE saw an opportunity to invest in their online eCommerce presence and optimise opportunities for their genuine spare parts.