The Candidate Experience: Life After Referral

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Referrals within Talent Acquisition are like finding gold! It gives a new dimension to the interviewing process because they already know the company, but also the inside feedback. I spoke to Sabrina and Hénoc, they are both referrals done by our Waegers, and now have become amazing Waegers themselves. In this interview, we discuss what their candidate experience was, but also how their Waeg life looks like after referral. 


Hi Sabrina and Hénoc, Thank you for making time free to have this talk! We are here today to discuss our Referral Program and the Candidate Experience. You both went through it and became/are amazing Waegers! 

Sabrina, let’s start with you. If you look back on your recruitment process with Waeg, how was your experience being a referral? 

S: It was different from a regular process as I already had a lot of information about Waeg, about Waegers, how it goes, etc. It helped a lot with the discussions and the interviews. That was very different from other recruitment processes I had that followed the regular way. 

And for you Hénoc? 

H: From a referral point of view, it wasn’t so different from usual. I didn’t feel like I had a particular treatment more like I had a fair and equal chance. It was very nice!


Sabrina, what made you decide to enter the recruitment process with us? 

S: I worked with Waeg for one year and a half. I already knew some people and I really enjoyed being surrounded by experts. That made a difference in the decision in the end. 

H: For me, I talked with a colleague before joining. It’s strange because what he told me is that he was having a hard time, a difficult first month. However, what convinced me is that he told his HR Business Partner about his difficult first month and there were immediate actions. That’s the thing that made me feel maybe that’s the place I should be. 

S: Yes, having directly the feedback from people who already work at Waeg, helps in the decision. You are not just going into something you don’t know at all.


Hénoc, what stuck out to you when you had a talk with the Talent Acquisition specialist about Waeg? 

H: Well, I think there was a collection of things. I was explained that Waeg is a place full of experts which I thought is a good place to become one myself. I felt that personal and professional growth would be almost certain after my first meeting. Also, I felt that the company culture was great and it was very cool, relaxed but still professional. It was just cool!


Is there anything unique about our recruitment or interviewing process Sabrina? 

S: When I did the business case, I didn’t feel that it was only a test to see my experience and all I know, but also to know where I would go within Waeg, what would be the perfect role for me. So when we discussed it, the Talent Acquisition made it clear that it wasn’t just to test me but also to focus on what I wanted to do and to experience that the work would fit me later on. That went well, that was unique. I have had some study cases before and it was more an exam. It wasn’t like that at all and I enjoyed it! 


For you, Hénoc, what do you think is unique about our process? 

H: Something I said before is cool, relaxed & professional and that’s how I feel every day at Waeg. I don’t feel too much pressure and didn’t feel it in the interviews either. They made me feel comfortable. 


If you could both describe our candidate experience within the referral program in 3 words, what would it be? 

H: Cool, relaxed and professional. 

S: Enjoyable, efficient & useful 


Have those feelings towards Waeg changed a year later? :-) 

H: Not so much, of course, I feel as with work as in relationships there is a honeymoon period. Everything was cool and nice in the beginning, but with time you start to notice things, but overall, I have the same feeling. What got me to Waeg, is the people and what makes me stay is the people. Everyone I had the chance to talk to is so overwhelmingly nice! 

S: I feel the same, I’m glad I joined and surfed the wave as we say here :)! Working on the projects, meeting new people, surrounded by experts… It makes me feel like I’m growing both professionally and personally. 


Would you do a referral yourself? 

S: Yes and I already did :) 

H: I would if I knew someone of course! 

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your candidate experience with me!



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