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Waeg Lisbon

Portugal is becoming more and more the choice for big companies to set up new offices, specially in the IT domain. The reason being is because it is well positioned within Europe (which facilitates travelling), Portuguese people are good in terms of learning other languages and, probably the main reason, we have very good professionals coming from demanding universities.

Waeg Lisbon’s main objective is to support the Waeg Group’s projects with high skilled professionals.

This means that our consultants will have the opportunity to get international experience, working in countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, United States and Dubai, within others.

The coming months will be a lot about recruiting and finding the right group of people, that will have the responsibility to make this a successful project!
If you like good food and nice weather, Portugal is where you need to be. Feel free to come back to us, to learn more about what we’re doing, our plans and the opportunities that we could have for you!


Technical Architect

Waeg’s Technical/Solution Architects are Salesforce platform experts who can take the puzzle-pieces that are a client’s business requirements, and design masterpiece solutions.


We’re looking for an experienced Salesforce developer who will be responsible for developing, enhancing and supporting Client applications on the platform as part of our existing in-house team.

Senior Developer

We’re looking for a Senior Salesforce developer who will be responsible for developing, enhancing and supporting Client applications on the platform as part of our existing in-house team.

Marketing Automation Expert

We’re looking for an experienced digital marketer who will be helping our corporate clients transform their organization’s from traditional outbound marketing to inbound digital marketing.


   Hugo Ricardo Pereira (Technical Lead)

Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (1998-2003). Information Systems Specialist (post graduate)

IT background: working as an IT consultant since February 2004, 90% of the time in web development projects, including home banking and CRM apps

Technologies: Salesforce, Java, Microsoft .Net

Salesforce… Why? In 2013, I was managing 6 projects for some time. It was very challenging, but I did not feel totally satisfied. I felt the need to get back to more technical tasks and hands-on projects. Salesforce appeared by the hands of a friend and it has been amazing since then!! What a platform… Simple… Powerful… State of the art!!!

Salesforce strengths: standard always comes first… I consider myself a specialist in most of the Salesforce out-of-the-box features (admin level). But, unfortunately, not all business needs can be implemented just using it. So, please feel free to ask for advice on Apex and Visualforce! Lightning and Heroku are the next on the list…

Expectations regarding the Portuguese office: working with Salesforce is very demanding. I am not saying this in the bad sense but, since Salesforce is always evolving (functionally and technologically), they set the bar really high. The focus for the Portuguese office will be to have the best professionals to work on great challenges! For newcomers, you will have the opportunity to grow with the best and the goal to always keep the pace with the most recent features!

Working in IT: for me, IT is a big part of my life. It has been since college times and I don’t see how I could do anything else. I am lucky to wake up and feel happy because I’ll be doing what I like to do. The continuous learning and challenges make my day!

Who am I? Family comes first is something that I keep reminding myself about. I love those great family dinners and barbecues! I also enjoy going out with my friends, have a drink and enjoy the good Portuguese weather. I enjoy good music and I am a football fan (watch and play).

  Pedro Gonçalo Neves (Manager)

Degree in Mathematics (1996-2002). Executive Master in Management (post graduate – 2009)

IT background: 13+ years of experience on IT projects facing all kind of challenges and roles (business analyst, developer, tester, team leader, project manager…) complemented with 3 different contexts (IT consultant, PM at software house and PM at financial services company’s PMO).

Technologies: Salesforce, Microsoft .Net

Salesforce… Why? Back in 2014 I was managing projects while integrated on a bank’s PMO. I soon realized that project managment detached from technology wasn’t my “natural habitat”. I went back to consulting business and met Salesforce. It was love at first sight!

Salesforce strengths: I learnt, I keep learning and I will be always learning to try and keep the pace with Salesforce innovation. Nowadays I consider myself a Salesforce “generalist”, because I have a good overview knowledge on platform’s main modules and features. In particular, I worked closely with Sales and Service clouds and I’m also an enthusiast about Test Automation in Salesforce… nevertheless, and because the “IT bug still scratches my belly”, I’m also skilled with development (Apex, VisualForce, Lightning Experience,…)

Expectations regarding the Portuguese office: we are witnessing a very demanding time for IT recruitment and a specially hard context when it comes to Salesforce. Nevertheless, our motivation is at its high, because we believe that one never needs “an army to kill a fly”. We firmly believe that bringing aboard professionals with strong backgrounds and junior professionals with right attitude will allow to build a mashup of  competencies and skills that will allow Waeg to thrive. Additionally, Portugal is nowadays a “sexy place to do IT”, meaning that we can leverage top of the art infrastructure, a good pool of IT graduates and a safe and favorable social-economic context. Finally, our major expectation is to be able to have a company capable of retaining its top talent –  a happy people company.

Working in IT: From a career point of view I have two passions: Mathematics and IT. I managed to conciliate both, because I see IT as an extension of the problem solving skills that Mathematics gave me… and I’m not talking only about those endless hours trying to fix some bug… after all, IT only makes sense if it’s used to solve any kind of Business problem and, at the end of the day, to help Companies perform better.

Who am I? I’m a husband and a father of two wonderful kids (impossible not to say this). I love to spend quality time with family and friends, having good (looooong) meals and having a couple of drinks while enjoying the sunny Portugal. I’m also addicted to good music and to go to concerts. Finally, and unlike Hugo, I don’t play football, but I’m very proficient in going to the stadium to watch my team and to drink a couple of beers @ the roulottes.