Getinge - Passion for Digital Excellency


Getinge, founded in 1904 in a Swedish village of the same name, is a leading medical technology company. The company provides innovative medical solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilisation departments, and R&D-institutions-focused biotechnology, pharmacy and medical development. With more than 10 000 people, Getinge leads its operations in over 40 countries. Getinge’s main goal is to ensure that all resources and activities are aimed at helping to save as many lives as possible around the world.


The US market had the highest share of e-Commerce revenue due to existing B2B e-portals where Getinge products could already be purchased. This posed a challenge for Getinge - the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) had to have a well-structured user journey that would ensure a good customer experience and encourage customers to abandon these wholesaler sites for Getinge’s own platform.

Our client needed to be reactive in terms of being prepared for the necessary integrations with their new e-commerce Portal. Getinge came to us with a clear aim to have an e-ordering platform that was completely theirs, fully controlled by internal management, and thoroughly integrated across the globe.


Getinge wanted to test the MVP for the US region as the first phase of their Digital Transformation journey. Based on the outcome, the company’s strategy would determine how to proceed further and what steps should be taken on a global scale. 

Our team implemented the online portal that embraces the entire user journey, taking into account the company's brand and aims for the portal to be user-friendly for customers with Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce.

In addition, multiple integrations had to be created between Salesforce and the already-existing IT infrastructure,  SAP ERP system, Single Sign-On User provisioning through Okta & MyProfile and credit card payment services provided by Worldpay B2B Payments


Quickly after the delivery of the US eCommerce portal, the client decided to turn this solution into a global project. Our teams created a roadmap with the following regions already in the plan for 2022: Australia, New Zealand,  Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

The vision is to grow this platform to a globally functioning sales portal offering the relevant Getinge product portfolio as a 24/7 service. It’s the only answer to current global trends, where customers expect online service to be of assistance to their needs at all times. As a result, this project has become a crucial strategic pillar in Getinge’s future commercial strategy.


Aligning resources and defining clear priorities within a globally operating organisation always comes with a challenge, which was amplified by the pandemic outbreak. 

The cooperation between the Getinge and Waeg teams was a mix of constructive atmosphere, transparency and appreciation that resulted in success. We look forward to continuing our work together to transform our client’s e-Commerce presence at a global level.


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